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Patterns and Designs

A border tile will give your tile floors or walls a unique look. The options for color, texture, shapes and patterns are so varied that the biggest challenge may be choosing the best products and designs for your project.

Wall Tiles

Bathroom Wall Tile Patterns

Selection of Border Tile Patterns

Large tile pattern for bathrooms

Flooring Patterns

Bathroom Floor Tile Patterns Floor Tile patterns image Floor tile patterns bathroom tile image bathroom tile patterns

Don't Forget...

You may have the most beautiful tile in the world, but stepping on a cold tile floor is not a very pleasant experience. Consider warming your bathroom floor.

heat your bathroom tile

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Artistic tile patterns

Tile Patterns
Bathroom Tile Patterns
Bathroom Tile Patterns #2


Examples of tile

Bathroom Tile Patterns #3

Straight Course

Bathroom Tile Patterns #4


Bathroom Tile Patterns #5


bathroom floor tile patterns


bathroom floor tile patterns #2


bathroom floor tile patterns #3

Brickwork (Square)

images of tile patterns in the bathroom

Diagonal Course

tile styles in the bathrrom


tile pattern images


final tile pattern image