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Your Guide to Bathroom Remodeling Products & Ideas

In The News...
According to Remodeling magazine, the average bathroom remodeling project costs $15,800 and results in an increase in home value of about $12,400 
Source: November 2007, Remodeling Magazine, Cost versus Value Report.

Useful Tools and Advice

Online Remodeling Tools  

Online Tools & Calculators
Free online tools to get a quote for your bathroom remodeling project.

find a designer  

Kitchen and Bathroom Designers
Should you work with a designer? (and where to find one)

Learn about the top trends in bathroom design.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips  

How to Clean Your Bathroom
Tips on home to keep your bathroom clean and pristine. Click here.

Important Fixtures

Bathroom Lighting  

Bathroom Lighting
Many homeowners fall into the "Shadow Trap". Learn how to use lighting options creatively to maximize light exposure and give your bathroom a distinctive look. Click here.

Bathroom Tubs  

The modern bathtub has become a new source of spa-comfort with unique features you will want to learn about.

Steam Showers in Your Bathroom  

Steam Showers
From home spas to steam showers, discover how you can turn your bathroom into a real spa experience.

bathroom remodel videos  

Remodeling Unplugged
Video's from ABathroomGuide: Are you planning a bathroom remodel? Would you love to see what happens behind the scenes? Watch this two-part video series to see a bathroom remodel from beginning to end..

Bathroom Sinks  

Bathroom Sinks    
New innovative and elegant bathroom sinks combine practicality and stunning looks.

budgeting for your bathroom  

Bathroom Budgets
Many homeowners underestimate or overspend when preparing for a bathroom remodel, click here to get tips on how to improve your bathroom budgeting and also learn how best to choose a bathroom remodeling contractor.

Bathroom Faucets  

Bathroom Faucets    
The selection of the right faucet can give your bathroom a distinctive touch.

Bathroom Shower Enclosures   Glass Shower Enclosures
A frameless glass shower door will instantly turn your bathroom into a high-end room and provide a larger, more open feeling.
Bathroom Showers  

From custom showers to body spas, discover a new world of luxury you can enjoy everyday.

Bathroom Vanities  

Bathroom Vanities
New vanity designs have transformed a practical element of the bathroom into a true way to give your bathroom an elegant look.

Bathroom Hardware  

New Bathroom Accessories    
Turn a boring bathroom into a showcase, choose new hardware.

Gallery of Remodeling Ideas

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