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The Perfect Bathroom Tile

Bathroom Floor Tiles

Your bathroom tiles can set the tone for the whole space. A dynamic flooring pattern or a deep wall color can make the difference as you remodel your bathroom.

Obviously, a nice bathroom needs a tile floor. Tile is a premium product and as such represents an impressive upgrade over any other floor.

The only disadvantage is the cold feel. Nobody likes to walk on a cold floor in the morning. There are several steps you can take to make sure you install the perfect tile or stone floor in your bathroom.

Heated Bathroom Tile Floors

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Click here to learn more about heated bathroom floors.

Use warm-colored Floors. Use the softening effect of warm-colored floors to offset the cool looks of fixtures.

Paint the walls a warm color (soft gold, warm russet) to counteract the 'coldness' of tile, flooring, and porcelain fixtures.

Design In Style With Glass Tile

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Discover new styles and ideas with glass tile mosaics. Introduce new color tones and personalized tile works into your bathroom with the addition of glass patterns and colors.

How To Choose Your Bathroom Tile's Color

For timeless style, stay with earth tones, bring in texture for visual interest. Be sure to key everything else (floors, paint, accessories) to that color so the overall effect is calming and cohesive.