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Bathroom Tile Design Gallery

Tile has been a popular choice for bathroom flooring for over a decade, but was often chosen more for its practical attributes, such as durability and water resistance, than for its style.

Now all of that has changed as current design trends have taken tile work to a completely new level. New designs have taken these practical materials and turned them into striking contemporary additions to your overall bathroom scheme.

More and more, tile has become the central theme in bathroom decor that the other elements revolve around.

Contrasting tile tones, textures and cabinet colors can complement each other to achieve a fine aesthetic harmony while uniform color patterns (such as white on white) can also provide a unique look and contribute to an all-embracing room ambiance.

Three-Light Bathroom Lights and One-Light Bathroom Light
Red Checkered Door Granite Tile Dark Cherry Stained Cabinet Bathroom
Two-Basin Sink Countertop Mult-Showerhead System Bathroom
Goose-Neck Stainless Steel BathTub Drawing Faucet Open Face Sink Cabinet Bathroom
Single-Handle Two-Base Sink Overhead Light Smuggler's Window Wall Paper Bathroom
Natural Bouncing Light Bathroom
Jacuzzi Power-Jet Bathtub Bathroom
Uniform Floor-to-Ceiling Tile Design Electric Towel Warmer Bathroom
Rounded Bathtub Two-Basen Sink Wood-Stained Bathroom