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Mixing It Up With your bathroom Design

Sink Display Design Single Handle FaucetCombining different tile sizes and patterns adds visual interest to this modern bathroom motif. The narrow tiles offset the white sink and provide a nice contrast to the larger 12x18 and 12x12 tiles that frame the vanity. This tile approach matches well with the minimalist vanity design.

A contrast in bathroom styles

Dual Handle Faucet Classic DesignNatural Stone Sink Basin Single Handle FaucetCompare the different designs of these two bathroom sinks. On the left, the mirror frame is very ornate with a pattern that reflects the vanity design. The gold faucet and soft warm-colored tiles add to the majestic look.

To the right, a modern vessel sink sits atop very clean, plain tile work in an innovative vanity area. This clean, minimal look is a striking departure from more traditional bathroom designs.

Small bathroom becomes a spa

Walk-In Bathroom Shower Backsplash Accent Wall TilesThis small bathroom looks amazing. How did the bathroom designer manage to get that clean look in such a narrow space? Consider removing the tub altogether (a tub is only used approx. 3 times/yr) and replace it with a tiled walk-in shower with a distinct tile pattern and frameless shower enclosure…and voila!

Bathroom design - Some like it plain

Minimalist Design Toilet and BidetThis bathroom featured at a kitchen & bath tradeshow presents a very modern, minimalist look that emphasizes space. The light above enhances the subtle but important variations in color between the light grays and the whites. Notice how the tile around the sink seems to be a continuation of the floor?

Strong colors for warm bathroom atmosphere

Bathroom Featuring Toilet and BidetThe bathroom designer used a very dark, warm paint color that complements the dark wood bathroom vanity. With terra cotta colored tile and granite countertop, this bathroom definitely achieves a certain feeling of warmth and comfort. Add a heated bathroom tile floor, a few candles and we’re all set!

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Flush outlets

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