Luxury Bathroom

The Question

What is luxury exactly? defines luxury as "an indulgence in something that provides pleasure, satisfaction, or ease." These days, the economy has really forced people to take a hard look at luxury indulgences. But, really, who wouldn’t want a little pleasure and satisfaction in their home environment? Who wouldn't want a home where it really is a joy to spend time?

Homeowners are staying put longer and choosing to remodel rather than to sell at a loss. The trend seems to be going towards reinventing the ordinary bathroom by creating a lavish high end bathroom suite – much like something you might see in Bathroom Trends or Architectural Digest.

Creating a bathroom retreat with all the newest bells and whistles adds value to your home and gives you the perfect place to go to ease away the stress of the day. The days of spending money on lavish kitchens that no one ever really uses is a thing of the past.

Country Style Bathroom Lifestyle Photo


You walk into your bathroom, ready to take a long, hot shower, after a tough day at the office. You turn on your shower's computer and enjoy the soft classical guitar from the theme of Il Postino while enjoying your luxurious shower orchestra. The water is cascading on you from six different directions like a finely rehearsed ballet of massaging streams dancing on your skin synchronously to the music. You step out onto your heated marble floors and reach for a pre-heated towel to dry off your blissful body. You realize when you look in the mirror to brush your teeth that the six o'clock news is playing on your bathroom mirror! But, then you remember... you had a plasma screen TV Installed behind a two-way mirror just last week. There’s so much more to say, but I’ll get to that a little later.

Can you imagine a bathroom like that? Being in the lap of luxury is something we have all dreamed about, but it really is possible to experience luxury in your bathroom. You may not enjoy the theme from Il Postino, but wouldn’t you enjoy listening to music while you bathe?

Kohler recently introduced their answer to the luxury bathroom – DTV™. The DTV™ system gives you the ability to control the shower’s lighting, music, temperature and water delivery, and steam. It is an amazing device designed especially for the luxury bathroom, so let's get more specific about the product features...

The Bathroom "Bells And Whistles"

Lighting - The WaterTile® Ambient Rain® shower panel adds a dynamic, moving, and changing visual dimension to your shower. You can even utilize color sequences in natural themes like sunrise, sunset, sunny clouds, and water reflection. Talk about a motivating experience for the early morning!

Music - A simple connection from your PC or Mac can take singing in the shower to a whole new level. Upload and cue music selections from your computer or MP3 player to relax or invigorate, depending on your mood.

Shower - Personalize your water temperature to the precise degree that you desire. You can also choose water delivery options from up to eight shower components with the touch of a button. DTV’s sleek design and leading-edge technology provides a spa-like environment at your fingertips.

Steam - There’s nothing more rejuvenating than a soothing blanket of steam— especially in the comfort and privacy of your own shower. Preset your preferred steam temperature and duration for an experience that is uniquely yours.

Floor Heating - A very advanced system indeed which lets you extend the luxury of your shower experience… Think about stepping out of a nice, warm shower only to be jolted as soon as your feet touch the freezing cold tile floor. A floor heating system delivers radiant warmth that envelops your body and makes your floors feel like heaven. The floor heating system can be installed under any type of flooring, from hardwood, to tile, and even carpet! In addition to the heated floors, why not add a towel warmer that makes your towel feel like it just came out of the dryer? Now, that’s luxury.

TV Built Into MirrorTwo-Way TV Mirror - The last feature in our aspirational “tricked out” luxury bathroom is the two-way mirror TV. What an amazingly simple piece of technology! Basically, you can take any plasma screen or LCD TV and recess it into your wall, or house it in a built out cabinet. Then simply place a framed two-way mirror in front of it. The mirror acts as a protective barrier between the water and your TV.

This means that when the TV is turned off, it is just an ordinary mirror, but when it is will enjoy a cinematic experience right in your own bathroom! Who wouldn't want to lie back in the bathtub and enjoy their favorite reality TV show?

Luxurious bathrooms are to be cherished and enjoyed, so think about adding any one or more of these features during your bathroom remodel. You’ll not only enjoy it when you are getting ready for work or bed, but you’ll find that you’ll escape there more than you ever thought you would!

This article was written by Steven Moore, the marketing director of the Maryland bathroom remodeling company, Budget Bath.