Heated Bathroom Tile

Five-star luxury is all about how you feel. Stepping into a warm bathroom first thing in the morning is a great way to start. The warmth underfoot really makes a difference - especially if you have tile or stone flooring.

Turn Cold Bathroom Tile Luxuriously Warm

Stone and ceramic tiles have long been a favored material for bathroom floors. But the naturally cold surface is not always welcome first thing in the morning, or late at night when you are unwinding at the end of a busy day. Warmly Yours can solve the problem, with electric floor heating that warms the floor – and the room. Nicolas Mottet, brand manager for Warmly Yours, says the company’s product is very thin and easy to install under a tile floor. “Electric floor heating is most often installed for comfort, but because the warm floor creates radiant heat, it can be the primary source of heat for the room.” Mottet says electric floor heating is also a cost-effective option for homeowners – a typical system for a bathroom costs between $400 and $800.

Mottet says potential clients can email or fax a floor plan for a free quote and installation plan. Alternatively, you can get a quick estimate on the website. For details, contact Warmly Yours, phone 800 875 5285, fax 800 408 1100. Or visit the website: www.warmlyyours.com.