Asian Style Bathrooms

How do you create an asian bathroom?

Asian style bathroomIt’s pretty easy, but it can be also quite expensive. There are several things you will want to keep in mind when you are formulating your Asian bathroom design. First, simplicity is key. Keep the design very basic and clutter free. Second, make sure there are many clean lines. Think of this part as you would with modern bathroom design- incorporate sharp, squared edges and uncomplicated accessories. Third, bring natural elements into the bathroom. Introduce an object made of wood or stone, whether it is a piece of artwork, a plant or a water feature. If you keep all of these rules in mind, you can build a great design for an Asian bathroom.

What makes this bathroom a great example of an asian bathroom?

Minimal Tiled Asian style bathroomThis bathroom has a lot of smooth straight lines both in the tile and in the vanity. The design is also clean, crisp and simple. There is no clutter to distract the eye and generate anxiety. Lastly, there are a lot of natural elements. The floor is wood, the faucet is metal and there is a plant in the corner. The other very strong Asian influence in this bathroom design is the ornate dark wood piece on the back wall which holds what appears to be a Kimono. The light coloring of the wall behind it really makes it pop, while the darker work and carvings make it distinctly Asian in style.

This bathroom is different than the other one, so what makes its design asian

First, this bathroom is very stark, clean and minimalistic. There is no clutter around. The objects included in the Asian style bathroom are the bare essentials - it is simply basic. Second, there are many straight lines both in the way that the tiles are laid and in the straight edges of the tub and toilet. Third, there are several natural elements in this bathroom design, though they may be more difficult to notice because they are understated. The walls are covered with a ceramic tile and the tub is lined with a dark wood. This bathroom is a little more influenced by the Japanese style as compared with the earlier picture which has more of a Chinese influence; however, both are still squarely within Asian design principles even though they look so different. This shows just how versatile Asian bathroom design really is.

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