Basic Bathroom Design 101

When remodeling a bathroom, homeowners and contractors alike often ignore the basic rules of bathroom design. There are essentially two rules:

Stay within your color scheme
Stay within your style

Stay within your color sheme

pantone color wheelStaying within your color scheme is probably the most important concept to master when designing your bathroom. Color is the foundational element that glues the entire room together in a way that is pleasing to the eye, yet makes it unique from all the other bathrooms in the world.

The question that first time “designers” may be asking is, “How do I choose a color scheme?”

One way to get started is to simply think about the colors that you are naturally drawn to. What colors do you like to wear and reach for in your closet more often than not? Are they the cool colors like blues and greens or more of the warm colors like yellows and oranges? Or, do you really like more neutral colors like beiges and grays? Once you have a feel for where your color preferences lie, then you can go to This website is a great tool to help you create different versions of color schemes that include both complimentary and accent colors that you may want to use in your bathroom design.

One word of caution... Make sure that once you pick your colors, you stay mostly within your color scheme. Straying from your chosen color scheme may cause a clashing effect that you did not intend and will disrupt the aesthetics of your design.

Stay within your style

Your style is very important. It is how you will pick the various fixtures in your bathroom, like the cabinetry, mirrors, accessories, and faucets. For instance, if you want to create a Victorian style bathroom, you would look for pieces with ornate and intricate details, especially in the woodwork and cabinetry.

Sticking to a style is important because you want to create a feeling of comfort, function, and aesthetics. If you place a modern bathtub with its clean, sparse lines, in a bathroom that has a colonial feel, with the weathered woodwork and fancy wood molding, you would create a sense of style confusion. The bathtub would look out of place and will upset the balance in your design. So, look throughout to get more specifics on styling and choose one that is right for your home and that will help you to achieve the “look and feel” you are hoping to create.

Quick tips for design success!

victorian style bathroomAfter you choose your color and style scheme, pick your tile first. It will help you narrow down your paint colors. Especially if you are going with a faux stone, or real stone tile, you’ll need to pick a paint color that is featured within the tile.

Make sure you match the grout color on the walls and the floor. It will tie the room together. You can also use a common accent tile on the wall and floor to create solidarity as well.

Choose the highest quality, metal fixtures you can afford. It will cost you less in the long run than the plastic fixtures commonly found at most large home improvement distributors.