How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Pristine

You just finished cleaning your bathroom, bleached and polished every surface nook and cranny, shined the mirrors and got all the corners. You know your bathroom is clean; as they say, you could ‘eat off the floor’. As you stand there admiring your bathroom, filled with pride, you notice that your bathroom still looks, well shabby. Why? You start to examine every part of your bathroom to try to find the culprit.

Ah Ha! You see that your shower faucet is stained, molted and maybe has a little mold or mildew on it, so does your shower bench. You know that you can’t possibly get them any cleaner. Guess you just have to run to the store and pick up a couple of new pieces.

Stop SignBefore you buy anything, research teak. As most people are aware, teak wood is used for decking and rails on boats. Teak has natural oil in the wood that repels water; therefore you do not get water damage like you do with other woods. This quality makes getting bathroom accessories such as a teak shower bench, or a teak accessory holder pretty much a ‘no-brainer’.

The teak shower benches cost a little more, but they are for a lifetime – you will not have to replace them every 6 months. Over time the teak accessories will pay for themselves. Another benefit of teak is that it is less slippery than metal or plastic.

Teak shower benches have many uses, you can set them outside of your shower with your bathrobes on it, so when you step out of the shower you can grab the robe, place your foot on the bench and dry it, step on the floor with the dry foot, and dry the other foot in the same manner. No more water drips on your floor! You can place a teak shower bench in the shower to place your foot on so you can easily shave your legs. The teak shower bench can also be used to sit on in the shower if you have an injury, or if there is an elderly person in the household.

Another benefit of teak; it is very easy to clean and does not mold.