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Stand Alone Ceramic Natural Stone Luxury Water Basin

Custom stone bathroom sinks

Caseper Onyx Round VesselCoffee Natural Stone Sacramental Decorated Bowl An orchestrated blend of strength and beauty, natural stone sinks will provide lasting endurance. Tough enough to withstand everyday wear they will remain as beautiful as the day they were purchased.

Gemstone sinks

Each basin is made of unique natural gem stones. Using one solid piece of gemstone large enough to sculpt an entire vessel would cost tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore, gemstone is imported and pulverized into ultra-fine particles, cleaned and purified.

The manufacturer has been a major international supplier of semi-precious rough stone to the jewelry trade for over twenty years and it has taken two decades to perfect this technique.

The gemstone is combined with other natural ores and pigments under extreme pressure and then acrylic gem resins bind the gemstone particles re-creating the hardness and structural integrity of the original. Finally, American artisans, using diamond impregnated lapidary tools sculpt, shape and hand polish each gemstone vessel, creating a truly unique work of gemstone art.

Bathroom sinks from various size and colors

With so many rich colors and elegant styles, hand polished stone bathroom sinks will harmonize with any decor.

Stainless steel bathroom sinks

Dual Faucet Chrome Plate Sink and BasinCreated from an aluminum based alloy using the sand casting manufacturing method. While all the bowls are created from the same molds, small differences will be detected in each one. As with all natural metals, color and finish will mature over time. If not polished, this alloy will darken and take on the look of real pewter.

The angle stop valves are the most attractive I (and our plumber) have ever seen.

The sink is very easy to clean. It is awesome to look into the bowl. You lose depth perception because of the clear glass. It is a cool phenomenon. This one will be the topic of many a conversation at your home.

Copper sinks

Brass or Copper SinkCopper sinks are the opposite of what you might expect. Believe it or not, they are almost maintenance free. If you like the coloration, you are in luck. Copper sinks will age to a medium coppery brown, and will not turn green as many might expect. Put away the cleaner, you will not need it.

Copper is more sanitary than any other sink product. In fact, it is a natural antibacterial product. Bacteria will not live on copper. Research has shown that bacteria can live for days on stainless steel and only hours on copper. There is much rethinking going on with regard to restaurant sanitation and stainless steel verses copper.

Another virtue is the fact that it will constantly change in appearance. It seems the older it gets, the more attractive it looks. It is a living finish, which adds excitement to any home décor. If you prefer the new copper finish a product called Wrights Copper Cream is a wonderful cleaner. It will bring the sink back to the original “new penny” shine.

Last, but not least, ask questions when looking at these bathroom sinks. All copper is not alike! Much of the imported copper from India and Mexico is made from recycling. That might sound like a great thing until one realizes they are melting down old computers, machines, and television equipment to capture the valuable copper. Recycled copper is generally only about 90% pure. The 10% is unknown material. There is lead and or mercury in many products that are melted down to make the recycled copper. If you are uncertain, ask before investing.

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Hand Blown Glass

Wobbly Shaped Glass BowlBlown glass sinks are individually hand crafted from molten glass, fired to 2300 degrees, and shaped from the artist's hands with the use of simple tools. These one of a kind functional art pieces are very durable and come with a limited warranty. They are signed and dated by the artist, and can be created in many colors to coordinate with your bathroom design.

These sinks start at approximately 16" in diameter and are 5" to 7" deep, and come with a 1-5/8" standard size sink hole. They will add beauty and art to any powder room/bathroom. These exquisite blown glass sinks are available beginning at $900.00.
Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.
(custom sizes and colors welcome)

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hi-tech moc sinks

Green Leafed Ceramic BowlThis is a one piece bathroom sink with frosted glass that is 5/8" thick. It arrives complete with grid strainer with cover, stainless steel brackets, fixing screws and plugs. We suggest the following options: Stainless steel towel rail, two angle stop valves, chromed brass trap. The trap is a work of art and really should accompany this fine sink.

Unusual sink

Single Faucet Wall Mounted Glass BaseThis innovative bathroom sink has a build in fish tank. This sink design would definitely animate your bathroom and surprise all visitors at your home.