Variety of Showers for Your Bathroom

The Ultimate Shower Experience

A shower that can put you in a good mood for the day

Over the past few years, showers have become much more sophisticated. Here we showcase how this offers an amazing selection of options, from multi-jets to temperature control. Now your shower can become much more than a simple morning routine. Moreover, you can turn it into an invigorating experience that you look forward to when you get up in the morning. A nice rejuvenating and energizing shower to get back to a regular routine. What a great way to start your day! Hooray!

Ultimate showers with multi jet shower systems

New luxury showers feature the ultimate in showering experience with multi-jet pulsating water from all four sides as well as the ceiling. Kohler recently generated a big buzz in the K&B industry with its new Kohler BodySprays featured in the picture below.

From simple multi-jet shower systems that cost only a few hundred dollars to fully-customized “car wash” solutions that can cost thousands, homeowners now have a lot of choice when designing their showers.

Quad-Blasting Multi Head Shower System

Glass shower enclosures

Showers with glass enclosures open up the space and make the room look so much bigger. Now most luxury bathrooms incorporate shower glass enclosures because they simply look very elegant and high-end. The nice advantage of showers with glass enclosures is that you can see the tile pattern that is featured inside the shower as a continuation of the overall design.

Showers with Glass Enclosure

Showers tile as a work of art

In this bathroom below, the shower features a large glass shower enclosure showcasing a beautiful tile pattern. Because the shower glass enclosure is see-through the shower tile can be seen from anywhere in the bathroom. Homeowners now enjoy the convenience and luxury of being able to use the shower area for introducing a new and original tile work. Because the shower tile area is limited, it is a great place to introduce something a little more original and safely get more creative.

Vanity Mirror Bathroom

Interesting drain option for showers

The ProLine linear slot drain system is a replacement for the traditional round-center drain. Unobtrusive, and more aesthetically pleasing since it can be placed anywhere in the design, this channel drain is also quicker and easier to install. You can learn more about the ProLine Drain by Quick Drain USA by visiting

ProLine Linear Slot Drain System

Steam showers and spa rooms

Need more information on steam showers, costs, and health benefits?

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Health benefits of a steam bath

Heat and steam helps to soothe and relax tense muscles.

You'll sleep better, work better & above all - you'll feel better.

People with arthritis or sore joints have enjoyed temporary relief from their discomfort.

A steambath or sauna will open the pores of your skin, helping to rid your body of toxins we are all exposed to every day.

Steam can help heal dry skin by enveloping it in moisture.

Can you put underfloor heating in a shower?

Yes! Accommodating underfloor radiant heating in a luxury bathroom shower can be done from the ground up. A luxurious and subtle warmth radiantly heats the shower floor and shape bench (if one exists within the plan) from the bottom up, and now, it is easier than ever to install shower floor heating in your bathroom remodeling project.

Radiant heating cables are embedded within a fiberglass mesh, locking in predestined roll sizes. It is pre-done for you, so a customized fit depends on the scope of your shower design. What is the shape of your shower? It is not as easy to cover the total area of a curved shower floor as it is to cover a square shape.

Shower Floor Heating

Selecting freeform cables over pre-formed rolls could better appropriate your installation for the sake of efficiency. Showers are not perfectly square all the time, and now, that is the whole point of a freeform cable. You have the freedom to form your runs of the cable line as the shower spacing permits. If your shower is slightly larger than one mat size but not as large as the next size, you could build up that perimeter with free-form cables and fixing strips to see this space fully covered.

shower floor plan example

As long as each area intended for installation uses less than 15 amps of electricity, the rest of the floor heating can be supplied to the shower floor heating kits. We often include one thermostat when creating installation plans. Since the shower floor application is typically thicker and takes longer to heat, it can be a good idea if you want two different thermostats. When discussing your quote with a professional, let them know the possibility of installing radiant floor heating underneath the entire floor simultaneously with the shower floor heating.

Shower Bench Heating

Selecting shower bench heating is the same concept. Identify the size that will fit your shower bench. The Shower Bench Mats are made to fit the narrow shape of most shower benches. Each size is cleverly created to fit a typical bench's dimensions.

Both shower floor and bench heating packs come with a programmable thermostat, and an efficient method to control the shower heating. The WarmlyYours TempZone floor heating system passed the Underwriters Laboratory's stringent safety tests and thusly awarded the Wet Location UL listing for the United States and the cUL certification for Canada. A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), winch offers fail-safe protection against an electrical shock, is included with every WarmlyYours thermostat.

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