Kohler Bathtubs

Kohler BathtubLet’s get this out right in the beginning; selecting a new bathtub can be a difficult and time consuming process. Most people only tackle it a couple times in their lifetime since the old one has to be completely removed for the new one to be put in its place, and that process can be a pain. Because of this, it is always better to make sure you love the bathtub you will be putting in, even if this means you will spend a little more then you had initially expected. Research is essential in this process as well as defining what it is that you want. Most homes have a traditional soaking tub in them, so when many people go to upgrade they look at a whirlpool bathtub. By far one of the best bathtubs I have ever used is the Kohler Archer Whirlpool bathtub with the comfort depth design.

This bathtub is designed with comfort in mind and includes many features to make sure once you get in you never want to leave. First, the tub has a textured bottom surface that keeps your feet from slipping when using it as a shower or simply getting out of the tub. Second, it has eight hydro massage jets that allow you to experience the comfort of a spa in the safety of your own home bathroom. These jets are perfectly placed to make sure all of your body feels extreme relaxation while in the tub, and they are designed to match the finish of your bathroom fixtures. Next, the tub has armrests and lumbar support built in. Now while this may not seem like a big deal, for prolonged times in the tub it is essential to your comfort. Lastly, the tub has a slotted overflow which allows for more water to enter the tub before it hits the overflow, also allowing it to have a much deeper soak then the typical bathtub. For people that are taller this is essential as this tub is only around 5 feet making it normal size for most bathrooms, but still on the short side for taller people.

The price tag for this tub is around 900 dollars. Now while that may seem like it is a lot, this tub is designed to make you treasure your time spent in your bathroom and will having you looking forward to the next time you get to soak in your bath. Remember, since you will only upgrade your bathtub a couple times in your life; make sure that you get the best tub possible for your budget. For many people the Kohler K-1122-0 will be it.

Pros: Eight Jets, Deep Soak, Armrests
Cons: Only 5’, Cost may be too much for some people