Pegasus Amber Vessel Sink

Pegasus Amber SinkIn the modern design shift that has taken a hold of this new generation of home owners, vessel sinks are starting to become one of the most used and sought after sinks for a bathroom remodel. These sinks have a unique style and are mounted directly on the counter top, creating a look that quickly becomes the focal point of the bathroom. For this particular review we are looking at the Pegasus Amber Vessel Sink which is defined as functional art, and I couldn’t agree more.

From first glance, what sets this sink apart from others like it is its beautiful and vivid amber orange hue. While not completely see through this sink does have an opaque look that allows light and water reflections to bounce off of the bowl and make it shine. The texture of the bowl is also an interesting addition that makes every sink look just a little bit different and adds to its unique design. While many glass sinks have a problem with water marks and smears, the colors of this sink allows it to look beautiful without making the water marks near as noticeable.

The sink itself is made completely of glass that has been tempered for strength and to make it scratch resistant. The glass itself is a 12mm thick and is smoothed and designed to both look good and to last. The bowl itself is 16.5 inches at its biggest and is large enough to hold three gallons of water before overflowing. The brand Pegasus is a great brand that has been making quality products for years and has a wide base of product installed in homes all over America. These types of vessel sinks are generally around 200-250 dollars.

One thing to remember if you are getting a vessel sink is that this type of sink does not generally have an overflow hole. This means the sink will not stop itself from overflowing if the drain is plugged and the water is left on, so you will want to make sure this works for your application. Also, these types of sinks will require a new faucet in most installations, as vessel faucets are much taller and slimmer then there normal counterparts. The sink itself is also not ADA compliant.

If you have wanted to redesign the tired look of your bathroom, investing in a vessel sink is a great way to start. In addition, if your personal style is a little more unique, this Pegasus Amber Vessel Sink would be a beautiful choice for your bathroom. It is both a vessel sink and a functional work of art.

Pros: Unique Style, beautiful design, strong glass
Cons: No overflow hole, may require new faucet and counter top, not ADA compliant